Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I was happy to see Frida on Google's page today!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti be my Valentine

I have been amazed and inspired over the past few weeks by the outpouring of generosity and kindness shown towards Haiti from all over the world.

As I worked out on the elliptical at the gym, I was nearly in tears while watching the "Hope for Haiti" telethon. I was happy to see how many celebrities came together to motivate action in their fans.

However, the gesture that has inspired me the most did not come from the multi-millionaires I watched on TV. After learning about the destruction in Haiti, the teenagers I work with at the youth shelter collectively decided to forgo the few recreational activities they get to do each month and instead, donate the money to Haiti. I am so proud that those kids, who themselves have so little, found a way to go above and beyond to help those in need.

Because of their generosity, I have started my own fundraiser for Haiti. Between now and Valentine's Day, 50% of proceeds from items sold in my Etsy shop will be donated to Doctors Without Borders to benefit Haitian relief efforts.

Thank you to everyone who in their own way, has found a way to reach out to our neighbors in Haiti.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Be Merry and Bright

I reached a new milestone because my roommates and I decorated our first Christmas tree! We bought the tree at a stand two blocks away from my house, and decorated it with a grab bag of ornaments purchased at Goodwill.

I also picked up this funky vintage wreath. I was planning on hanging it on our front door but I kind of like how it looks perched on the chair!

It's amazing how much having the tree transforms our house and how I feel about Christmas. Portland has been my home for over four years, but Christmas never really seemed to start for me until I was home with my family in Washington. I love that this year I will have some Christmas in Portland and some in Bellevue!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Secret Sale on Sunday!

Pacific Earrings HERE

Mocha Quartz Earrings HERE

I've been loving adding new necklaces and earrings to the shop over the past few days, and have a secret to share! On Sunday, December 13th, I will be marking ALL of the earrings in my shop down to $25 a pair. If you've been wondering what to get your mom/sister/friend/aunt/coworker/daughter for Christmas, check my shop on Sunday!

Also: This is very last minute but I will be at the Hip Happening Craft Show in Sellwood tomorrow! If you are in the Portland area, I would love to see you! The show is Saturday, Dec 12th from 11-6PM. My roommates will be sitting at my table for me from 11-1, and then I'll take over after I get off work and will be there from 1:00 on!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dolls and Model Planes


I first met Sarah Mitchell in my very first college art class (and the only 8AM class I ever endeavored!) The class was Sculpture, taught by Mike Rathbun. Though I was totally inspired by my professor, Sculpture itself was hard for me. I like making things that are teeny tiny (which explains why I have more itty bitty semiprecious stones and pearls than anyone needs), and Mike is famous for gigantic installations that fill entire galleries! One of the projects we undertook as a class involved taking a model airplane pattern, projecting it only the wall to trace a giant version, and building a lifesize plane! Then we "flew" it around the school, a happy distraction for bored students gazing out of their classroom windows.

Anyway, Sarah was my Sculpture buddy, and always impressed me with her clever approaches to our assignments. Sarah just graduated from Lewis and Clark with an art degree and has opened an Etsy shop! She makes dolls that are absolutely gorgeous, ethereal, and original. They are truly art, and reasonably priced! Please check out DollsImagined on Etsy, you will be glad you did!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Portland Charm

I'll be listing some new items this week on Etsy just in time for Christmas! Here's the link to one of the first new additions, the Portland Charm Necklace.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hip Happened

Last weekend I was able to have a re-do and participate in the Hip Happening Craft Show that I had to cancel last month because I was sick. It was so much fun! I have absolutely loved being a part of Etsy over the past year because of the connections I have made with people all over the world, but this is the first time I've been able to actually meet people locally! I loved talking with the other vendors about makin' stuff, Portland, Etsy, and more! My only regret is that because I was manning my table alone, I was never able to get up and actually walk around the show myself! I know that I could've had someone watch my booth and it probably would've been FINE but I would have been so upset with myself if anything did happen. Next time I will make sure to have a friend come switch me out so that I can shop, eat, and go to the bathroom at some point in the 7 hours of the show!

I was really happy with how my table set-up turned out. I found some beautiful old books at Goodwill to help with the display, along with tableclothes in two of my favorite colors! The table was small enough so that I did not get overwhelmed trying to make enough jewelry before the show to have a good selection for buyers and admirers.

Another bonus of the day... all six of my roommates were graduating from Lewis and Clark last weekend, and we hosted a big meet and greet barbecue for everyone's families on Saturday night. With some coaxing from my roommates' parents, I was able to re-create my display from the show in our living room and make some additional sales! It was so much fun to see everyone sporting their new jewelry and looking BEAUTIFUL the next morning at graduation.